NEC Philips SuperVisor 60E Comfort


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The heart and voice of your company’s telecommunication system is the  elephone operator. Connecting callers, handling messages, locating staff, dialling destinations, and welcoming visitors at the reception.

To perform all these tasks effortlessly, your telephone operator deserves the best.
NEC Philips Unified Solutions has developed an advanced low cost computer  based operator console for the SOPHO iS3000 series ISPBX: the SuperVisor 60E Comfort.

The SuperVisor 60E Comfort is a multimedia workstation for your telephone operator. It has an easy to use, easy to learn graphical user interface, easy to understand icons, an extensive and flexible name directory and various messaging facilities.

Key features
– Full support for keyboard or mouse
– Name directory for up to 500 names
– Identifies calling and called party, with ISDN trunks also external parties
– Busy lamp field for up to 600 extensions or trunks
– Speed dial keys for fast call set-up
– 2-digit support
– On-line help and demos
– Password protected
– Directory printout facilities
– Nine languages, selection with menu commands
– Standard ISDN S0 interface to the SOPHO iS3000 series
– Integrated visually impaired solution


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