SOPHO iS3000 19-inch




The SOPHO iS3000 19-inch housing is available for both the Single Processor and the Fault-tolerant Processor variant.

The basic building block for a SOPHO iS3000 Single Processor system is the Peripheral Module (PM). This module contains plug-in boards to interface with enduser and carrier equipment, the first module contains the Single Processor card to control the system.

The key component of a SOPHO iS3000 Fault-tolerant Processor system is the Control and Switching Module (CSM), which contains a Fault-tolerant Processor and switching network complex.
The CSM and PM are industry-standard 19-inch units. 19-inch style patch panels are available for easy installation of the complete system into a single 19-inch cabinet.

The universal design of the CSM and PM allows wall-mounting or stacking in a floorstanding configuration of up to four modules. Side panels are available as an option.

The SOPHO iS3000 is available as an AC- or DC-powered system. SOPHO iS3000 is a modular communication platform that fulfils the modern communication needs of small to large organisations.

Key features
– Industry-standard 19-inch housing
– Supports Single Processor and Fault-tolerant Processor platform
– Supports all iS3000 printed circuitboards
– Module can be rack-mounted, wall-mounted or used in a floorstanding configuration.
– Economical power consumption
– AC- or DC-powered
– Decorative side panels available as an option for wall-mounted and floor-standing configurations
– Smooth migration fromTDM to IP environments


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