SOPHO BaseLine Pro with CLI




Philips Business Communications now offers the SOPHO BaseLine Pro with calling number display and a callers list, to further support business users in an analogue environment. Based on customers’ and our own experiences, we have optimised the SOPHO BaseLine Pro to better suit our customer’s environment and the SOPHO PBX.

The design, colour scheme and branding are all in line with the SOPHO ErgoLine range. The BaseLine Pro is slightly heavier and larger than the average consumer set, lending it more presence on the desktop. SOPHO sets support all the transfer facilities of our SOPHO PBXs and the BaseLine Pro has a special yellow hold key for this purpose. SOPHO sets also have a message waiting LED, which facilitates the use of voicemail.

The adjustable ringing tone allows users to differentiate their own phone from
others in a busy office environment. The SOPHO BaseLine Pro with CLI is
equipped with a 2-wire a/b interface, suitable for connection to SOPHO PBXs.

Key Features
• Attractive SOPHO styling
• Easy to use
• Display
• Calling number display
• Callers list
• Clock & timer
• Called number display
• Message waiting indicator
• Hold key
• 10 direct memory keys
• 10 indirect memory keys
• Ringer LED
• Adjustable ringing tone
• Adjustable ringing volume
• Adjustable receiver volume
• Adjustable speaker volume
• Mute
• Hands-free mode


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